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182: #StopHateForProfit - Interview from Next In Nonprofits

182: #StopHateForProfit - Interview from Next In Nonprofits

June 29, 2020

Megan Anhalt, Chief Strategy Officer of Whole Whale is interviewed on the Next in Nonprofits podcast about what nonprofits should do around the #StopHateForProfit Facebook ad boycott.

181: How we lost a staff member due to H-1B Policy

181: How we lost a staff member due to H-1B Policy

June 25, 2020

In this internal Whole Whale episode, we talk with Rhea Bhambhani our Ads and Analytics Whaler. We discuss her time at Whole Whale, what she has learned and what the impact of the U.S. H-1B policy. Though Whole Whale has won past petitions for H-1B's, the hostile current climate has stacked the odds too far and we lost in our attempt to add talent to our team. 

We discuss how xenophobic H-1B policies staff and small companies that depend on this diversity of talent. 

180: Turning a Gala Virtual, Upaya Raised $302k

180: Turning a Gala Virtual, Upaya Raised $302k

June 17, 2020

With less than a week in preparation, Upaya shifted their in-person Gala to a Virtual Event that raised $302k against a $200k stretch goal. Kate Cochran, CEO of Upaya Social Ventures shares the story and lessons of this amazing virtual event with Whole Whale host, Kariesha Martinez. 


Upaya Social Ventures is fighting extreme poverty through dignified jobs. Founded in 2011, Upaya provides investment and consulting support to early-stage businesses aimed at creating jobs for the poorest of the poor. Upaya’s continually growing portfolio of impact investments has created over 15,000 lasting, dignified jobs. Endorsed by ImpactMatters as a high-impact, cost-effective nonprofit, Upaya’s teams in Seattle and Bangalore are committed to a goal of helping entrepreneurs create jobs for 50,000 people in India by 2023. 

Link to the blog / webinar on the gala:

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179: Virtual Reality for Impact with Mind Glow

179: Virtual Reality for Impact with Mind Glow

June 9, 2020
Virtual reality can seem like a far off technology, mostly used for video games and tech conference demos. But, what if we could use virtual reality to provide situational training for emergencies? Neilda Pacquing, Founder and CEO of Mind Glow, is using virtual reality to make companies more prepared for workplace emergencies, starting with active shootings. Listen to our episode as she explains how she came up with her idea, how effective her technology has been at assorted companies and universities, and how you can get involved in virtual reality programming. 
Neilda Pacquing is the Founder and CEO of MindGlow, a company using VR to maximize workplace safety and prepare employees for emergencies, starting with active shooter training. She is also the creator of VR Training 101: How To Design VR Trainings For Businesses. 

Prior experience includes working as a Senior UX/UI Designer at Sephora and Bank of America. She is an Oculus Launch Pad, Mozilla XR Studio, and Nasdaq Milestone Makers alum. 
She received her B.A. from UCLA and working on an M.S. Integrated Design, Business, and Technology at USC Iovine and Young Academy.
In her spare time, you can find her riding her motorcycle in the backroads of California.
About MindGlow:

↠ MindGlow helps businesses train better with VR. We use the immersive experience of Virtual Reality (VR) to maximize workplace safety and prepare employees for emergencies, starting with Active Shooter Training.
About VR Training 101:
↠ VR Training 101 is the first-ever program that offers a cross-disciplinary approach to designing virtual reality (VR) trainings for businesses. We turn VR newbies to VR creators. 
↠ Applications are open and start Monday, June 15, 2020. 
↠ More information and application here: 
178: Homelessness in the Time of COVID-19

178: Homelessness in the Time of COVID-19

June 1, 2020

We talk with Dan Treglia, Ph.D. in Social Welfare about the impact of COVID-19 on America's 500,000 people experiencing homelessness. Choosing whether to go to a shelter, where social distancing may not be possible is becoming a life and death decision for many Americans. 

Dan discusses the issues many Cities are facing and what the potential policies that could make a difference are. 



Dan Treglia is a PostDoctoral Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and
Practice who uses quantitative methods to address a range of social policy issues – most notably
homelessness – with a clear focus on policy and programmatic implications.

Dan’s recent work focuses on the use of large administrative data sets to address multi-sector,
seemingly intractable problems. Recent examples include an evaluation of the Supportive Services for
Veteran Families program, a homelessness prevention and rapid re-housing program run by the VA; a
randomized controlled trial of a homelessness prevention program in New York City; the integration of
machine learning algorithms into a VA homelessness screening tool to improve resource targeting; and
forecasting healthcare and nursing home needs and costs among older homeless adults.

He has a PhD in Social Welfare from the School of Social Policy and Practice and a Masters in Public
Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Prior to enrolling at Penn, Dan served as Deputy
Director of Research at New York City’s Department of Homeless Services (DHS). Among other
responsibilities, he led the City’s effort to estimate its unsheltered homeless population using a
methodology recognized for its rigor by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. He also
led the evaluation of the Housing Help Program, which prevented eviction in high-poverty areas,
assessments of shelter use and recidivism predictors, and several agency public reporting and policy-
analysis initiatives.

177: The 7 Elements of a Primal Brand (reprise)

177: The 7 Elements of a Primal Brand (reprise)

May 27, 2020

We have been seeing elements of the 7 elements of the primal brand everywhere and so we went back to a great episode with Patrick Hanlon the author of Primal Branding and is the CEO and founder of THINKTOPIA, a global brand and strategic innovation practice for Fortune 100 clients.

The seven elements we discuss from his book:

  1. Creation Story
  2. Creed
  3. Icons
  4. Rituals
  5. Pagans
  6. Sacred Words
  7. Leader


176: 14 Ways to Grow Your Podcast Downloads

176: 14 Ways to Grow Your Podcast Downloads

May 18, 2020

In this podcast strategy episode, we talk with Nick Azulay our Digital Marketing Analyst Whaler about 14 ways to increase podcast downloads.  

We have been in the podcast game with our nonprofit focused podcast – Using the Whole Whale for over 5 years. Here are some of our best tactics and ideas that have worked to drive solid download numbers. Even after you build a quality podcast, it can be frustrating to then watch numbers fall flat which is why podcast marketing can be as important as the content. 

If a podcast falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, did it make an impact? 


175: COVID-19 College Advising | Making the Shift to Digital

175: COVID-19 College Advising | Making the Shift to Digital

May 12, 2020

Almost overnight the College Advising Corps ( had to pull counselors across the country from Highschools in response to COVID-19. 

Nicole Hurd, the Founder and Chief Executive talks through how CAC has been making the shift to digital support for their students. Our host, Kariesha Martinez walks through the myriad issues facing college-bound students in the time of COVID-19 with stories and data from Nicole's work. 



In the face of both high school and university closings nationwide, College Advising Corps (CAC) advisers continue to serve their students, moving now to a 100% virtual advising model. Regardless of the challenges that lie ahead, CAC advisers remain committed to ensuring our nation’s low-income, first-generation college-going, and underrepresented high school seniors achieve their dreams for higher education and economic mobility.

174: How to Design an Auction Event

174: How to Design an Auction Event

May 4, 2020

Planning a live fundraising event can take months and even years to plan. This week on the podcast, we talk with Layne, the Auctionista. They specialize in auctioneering, specifically for live fundraising events. Listen as we chat about the 27 steps they take to prepare for a live fundraising event, why there are no small gifts (just small donors), and the future of live fundraising events.

The Auctionista brings the power of philanthropy, humanity, energy, and entertainment to every event. We are bold and innovative subject matter experts in Event Revenue Strategy, Event Ideation, and Performance. Dedicated to exercising creative instincts and proven strategies that inspire charitable giving, we deliver intuitive and entertaining live fundraising experiences that produce results.”


173: COVID-19 Trends & Opportunities

173: COVID-19 Trends & Opportunities

April 27, 2020

This podcast will cover current events and trends that we think social impact leaders should be thinking about. 

On this internal podcast episode George Weiner, Chief Whaler and Kariesha Martinez, Advertising Whaler discuss the trends and opportunities during the COVID-19 crisis. While giving may be declining, there are opportunities to find talent and ways to prepare your organization with digital impact initiatives.