Using the Whole Whale - A Nonprofit Podcast

132: Interviews from Engage For Good Conference 2019

June 26, 2019

Whole Whale went to the Engage For Good conference in Chicago on May 29th-30th and had quick interviews with attendees.


Organizations interviewed:

  • CSM LeadDog, Adrienne Rochetti
  • For Momentum, Mollye Rhea, President and Founder
  • Good 360, Jim Alvey, Director of Partnerships, Disaster Recovery
  • Harbor Compliance, Borock Klinger
  • One and All, Tamara Wolf, VP Account Management
  • Perlman + Perlman LLP, Nicole Miller, Director of Registration and Compliance
  • Phil and Co, Elise Merriman, Senior Account Manager
  • Wander, Rowley Samuel, Agent

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