Using the Whole Whale - A Nonprofit Podcast

191: (2 for 2) Under Profiled day, Homeless donation marketplace, and shower Social Impact Ideas

August 31, 2020

This week we trade social impact ideas with Adam Soclof, senior Brand Marketing expert. 

We exchange 4 social impact/b corp/nonprofit ideas. We thrash on the idea, 'why would this fail', 'why would it succeed', the difficulty of execution. Not being precious with the idea, knowing that others may take it and run. 

We then score the idea based on Impact, financial viability and scalability. The loser donates to the winner's charity of choice. 

This week's ideas:

- Sponsored shower stations in cities.

- Under Profiled day, helping underserved people become seen on LinkedIn.

- Homeless donation platform itemizing ways to help as a service.

- Don't Profile Me Day, raising awareness about camera facial recognition.


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