Using the Whole Whale - A Nonprofit Podcast

028: Rockefeller Foundation tackles storytelling

March 24, 2015

We talk with Jereme Bivins, Digital Strategist at The Rockefeller Foundation and RJ Bee, SVP of Hattaway Communications.

The platform they created is called 

Hatch acts like a concierge, connecting you to a suite of tools and a growing community to help you leverage storytelling to drive social impact and improve the lives of the poor and vulnerable around the world.
Stories with purpose don’t just materialize—they’re strategically planned, they’re creatively crafted, and they're designed to achieve measurable outcomes.

Our conversation veered around and covered some of these questions:
- What is hatch, why did Rockefeller create this?
- What metrics are you looking at as you build it?
- How can nonprofits leverage it?
- What is the narrative framework and how did you come up with it
- What would you do differently if you were building it again?


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