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221: Making sense of Facebook Tracking vs IOS 14

221: Making sense of Facebook Tracking vs IOS 14

March 29, 2021

Interview with Meghan Daly, Whole Whale's Paid Social Manager about the changes that will impact digital advertisers on Facebook.  


Simply put, iOS14 is Apple’s most current iPhone operating system. iOS14.5 is an update to this operating system that will include many things (including 200+ new emojis!), but the specific update that’s generating a lot of buzz is the launch of an in-app prompt. This prompt essentially asks users to opt-in and “allow” apps and websites to track their activity. 

Once the update goes live (currently projected for early Spring) this means an iPhone user with the update installed will open up an app like Facebook, for example, and see the following prompt: 

Source: Apple

If a user opts into tracking, nothing really changes. But if a user opts-out, it will change how advertising giants like Facebook are then able to collect and utilize that user data. This means it will also change whether you, as a Facebook advertiser, have access to that data. 

220: How Issue Voter is shifting the focus

220: How Issue Voter is shifting the focus

March 24, 2021

George Weiner interviews Maria Yuan, the CEO and Founder of Issue Voter. Issue Voter is an online service that according to their site helps people:

"Track your rep's activity. We tell you how your rep voted, how often your representative agrees with you, and whether or not they’ve attended a vote.

Encourage open discussion. You can share an issue on your favorite social network, without revealing your personal opinion.

Act on issues that don’t make headlines. We don’t only tell you about what is breaking the news; we check for updates every hour to make sure you have the latest information.

Become an informed voter. Using IssueVoter year-round informs you before elections and keeps money's influence out of your opinion. Only re-elect reps who truly represented you."



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About Maria

Maria Yuan is passionate about fixing significant, systemic problems by leveraging creativity and determination to achieve world-changing results and impact.

Prior to IssueVoter, Maria's policy and political experience includes passing a bill as a constituent, working for a Representative, and managing and winning one of the most targeted races in Iowa - an open seat in a swing district. Maria's professional experience also includes investment banking, strategy, corporate development, recruiting, social enterprise, and consulting.

Maria's writing has appeared in Real Clear Politics, The Hill, and Huffington Post, and she has spoken at conferences, companies, and universities across the U.S. about civic engagement.

Maria currently serves on the Bridge Alliance Board of Directors and Keep Families Giving Foundation Advisory Board and has served on the boards of Gibney Dance, The University of Texas Co-Op, and Friends of the Children New York.

Maria earned degrees from The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania and The University of Texas at Austin.

219: (news) NYC and ICE need to spend millions for nonprofit support

219: (news) NYC and ICE need to spend millions for nonprofit support

March 22, 2021

Weekly summary with hosts Nick Azulay and Kariesha Martinez from digital marketing agency


NYC Owes Homeless Nonprofits Millions In Unpaid Invoices

The City of New York owes its homeless nonprofit organizations over $150 million in unpaid invoices, according to a survey of homeless shelter operators. Catherine Trapani, the executive director at Homeless Services United, the umbrella organization that represents shelter operators, says “there needs to be a recognition of just how on the precipice of a system’s failure we are.” The crisis comes as the city faces its own struggles with cash flow due to the pandemic.

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ICE Signs $86.9 Million Contract With Nonprofit To House Migrant Families

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has signed an $86.9 million contract to house migrant families at the border. The contract is with Texas-based nonprofit Endeavors, and will provide up to 1,200 beds as a short-term housing solution for families not turned away at the border. Nonprofits again prove that they are the last stop-gap for providing critical services during crises.

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218: (news) $1B Stimulus for AmeriCorps + Rise in Giving Trend

218: (news) $1B Stimulus for AmeriCorps + Rise in Giving Trend

March 16, 2021

Nonprofit News for the week of 3/15 summarized by Kariesha and Nick from


2020 Saw 10% Jump In Giving
According to the Quarterly Fundraising Report, nonprofit fundraising was up 10% overall in 2020 compared to 2019. While this represents the highest volume of donations in 5 years, donor retention continues to drop (approximately by 4%), even after new donors are acquired or re-activated. A decline in retained, repeat donors is a trend the industry must be aware of in 2021.

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Americorps Receives $1 Billion Influx of Stimulus

The Biden Administration’s new stimulus relief bill includes a $1 billion increase in funding to AmeriCorps, the nation’s national service program. The extra funding is applauded by nonprofit sector advocates and proponents of national service, which has seen increased public support particularly from Congressional Democrats over the past several years.

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The Summary...
> $1B Stimulus for AmeriCorps
> Church Funding Lagged Other Nonprofits In 2020
> The Met Considers Selling Its Art To Stave Off Financial Shortfall : Coronavirus Updates : NPR
> Jack Dorsey will convert NFT tweet auction proceeds to bitcoin and donate them to charity
> Baltimore Sun deal sets up major test for nonprofit news model
> A NEEDED BOOST: Paycheck protection loans aid nonprofits hit hard by COVID-19

217: Managing Cash Flow Through Crisis - GrowthForce

217: Managing Cash Flow Through Crisis - GrowthForce

March 15, 2021

Kariesha Martinez interviews Stephen King, CEO and President of GrowthForce. They discuss how to manage cashflow in crisis with their 5-Step Framework.

Managing Cash Flow Through Times of Crisis - Having successfully navigated five recessions as an entrepreneur and fundraiser, Stephen knows how to read the numbers to make data-driven decisions - and this unique vantage point has helped him develop a framework for getting through a recession.

216:(news) $61k for a tent and what $1.9T stimulus means for nonprofits

216:(news) $61k for a tent and what $1.9T stimulus means for nonprofits

March 9, 2021

Whole Whale discusses current nonprofit news from


$1.9 Trillion Stimulus Bill Passes With Expansion Of Unemployment Benefits And PPP
The Biden administration’s new COVID Relief bill has passed the House and Senate, clearing the way for approval of an expansive new bill designed to expand unemployment benefits, the federal PPP, as well as support for vaccine distribution and fiscal relief for states. This critical piece of legislation expands the definition around non-profit entities entitled to PPP loan assistance, while providing additional protections and relief around housing, paid leave, and access to healthcare.
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 Why Is San Francisco Paying $61k For Tents For People Who Are Homeless?
The city of San Francisco is paying upwards of $61k to provide a tent for folks experiencing homelessness. The tent shelters, provided by the city in response to the threat of COVID-19 exposure and increasing pressure to address systemic homelessness, are not eligible for federal reimbursement, and come at a time when the city is facing increasing budget deficits.Read more ➝ 

215:(news) Are billionaire gifts really gifts, and how nonprofits may be the future of news.

215:(news) Are billionaire gifts really gifts, and how nonprofits may be the future of news.

March 2, 2021 Hosts Kariesha and Nick discuss the week in nonprofits to kick off March. 


CEO Calls Billionaire Philanthropy A ‘PR Scam.’

Dan Price, founder and CEO of credit-card payment company Gravity Payments, says that billionaire philanthropists who donate lots of money in return for glowing reviews and good press is “one of capitalism’s biggest PR scams.” In Washington state, billionaires pay 3% of their income on taxes while the poor pay 18%, says Price. In response to a proposed wealth tax, Price adds that “the amount [billionaires] donate is a fraction of what they would pay if their tax rates were in line with the working class.”
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 Newsrooms Around The Country Are Turning To A Nonprofit Model

News organizations across the country are embracing a nonprofit model at an increasing rate, according to the Institute for Nonprofit News, a consortium of nonprofit journalism organizations. The organization had a record 28% in membership growth last year. While the IRS is reportedly hesitant to categorize news organizations as commercial entities, “we have to subsidize reporting if we want democracy to survive," according to Elizabeth Green, the CEO and co-founder of the non-profit local news company Chalkbeat.Read more ➝ 
✅ The Summary...
A Burgeoning Food Justice Movement Rises in Black America
Stimulus Bill Would Make Some Large Nonprofits Eligible for Forgivable Loans
Report: Pandemic's impact on nonprofits not as bad as projected
Prince Harry & Meghan Markle‘s nonprofit website gets a MAJOR makeover after duo ditches royal roles forever
Nonprofit newsroom dissolves over allegations directed at founder 
🙋‍♀️ Opinions & Resources
Nonprofits Survived 2020 — What’s Next?How to accept Bitcoin and other crypto donations
White development colleagues, we need to talk about fundraiser fragility
7 Community Outreach Ideas for Nonprofits in 2021
How to Download High-Quality Photos from Instagram
😍 Feel-good stories from the Sector...
College-dropout-turned-UPS-executive Calvin Tyler Jr donates $20 million to Morgan State University
Pittsburgh nonprofit rescuing puppies from Texas after devastating storms
Nonprofit takes 94-year-old WWII veteran on a flight around Mesa in WWII-era plane
Cancer survivor named to SpaceX flight promoting St. Jude hospital – Spaceflight Now
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214:(news) Nonprofit Revenge Giving for Rush Limbaugh & Nonprofit Job Trends

214:(news) Nonprofit Revenge Giving for Rush Limbaugh & Nonprofit Job Trends

February 23, 2021

Hosts Kariesha and Nick discuss nonprofit news highlights from 2/22/2021. 


Revenge is a powerful emotion when used for giving and forgiving?   

Viral Fundraiser Highlights Real Impact of Revenge Giving

Rage giving is all the rage. When Tommy Marcus, a 25-year-old University of Michigan graduate learned of Rush Limbaugh’s death, he felt it appropriate to donate to Planned Parenthood. After a screenshot of his donation to the organization went viral, the fundraiser generated more than $1.2 million from more than 44,000 donors.

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Nonprofit Jobs Not Expected To Recover for Two Years

According to a study released by Johns Hopkins University, it may take up to two years for the job market within the nonprofit sector to fully recover. Industry jobs are still short of February 2020 levels by more than 950,000.

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😍 Feel-good stories from the Sector...

213: (news)GoFundMe Charity shutting down, CEOs resigned and removed

213: (news)GoFundMe Charity shutting down, CEOs resigned and removed

February 17, 2021

Nonprofit News Summary from


Hosts Nick, Kariesha, and George from discuss a week in nonprofit news. 


GoFundMe Charity is being shut down

GoFundMe Charity will end support for third-party integrations and the public Application Programming Interface (API) after March 31, 2021. "The shuttering of GoFundMe Charity is concerning for many nonprofits, said Megan Anhalt, chief strategy officer at consultancy WholeWhale. The move “makes us question whether GoFundMe will be a reliable home for nonprofits moving forward,” she said."

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Open CEO positions

Following the sexual harassment allegations at United Way Worlded, CEO Brian Gallagher resigned and Bronx Parent Housing Network founder Victor Rivera was terminated last week.

And for very different reasons, Robin Hood Foundation's CEO Wes Moore announced that he is stepping down on a high note after leading the foundation to one of its best years in history raising over $230 million and supporting New Yorkers in their greatest time of need. 

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212: (news) Abuse At Homeless Shelter, Racketeering, and Puppy Bowl helps shelters

212: (news) Abuse At Homeless Shelter, Racketeering, and Puppy Bowl helps shelters

February 9, 2021

Weekly nonprofit new summary with hosts Kariesha and Nick from Whole Whale, a social impact digital agency.  


More info on how donor-advised funds work from our podcast. 


Reminder: just because an organization is a 501c3, doesn't mean it is scandal-free. 

New York Times Reporting Spurs Investigations Into Abuse At Homeless Shelter Nonprofit

After a New York Times investigative report revealed allegations of sexual assault and harrassment against a prominent homeless shelter CEO, New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio has ordered a formal investigation. The allegations against Victor Rivera, CEO of the Bronx Parent Housing Network, come from ten women and are now being investigated by an outside firm. DeBlasio wrote on Twitter, “Victor Rivera must understand that no, he is not untouchable.”

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Political Nonprofit Charged With Federal Racketeering Pleads Guilty In Bribery Scandal

A political nonprofit has pleaded guilty to federal racketeering charges for its role in the largest bribery scheme in Ohio history. The organization, Generation Now, funneled more than $61 million in bribes to ex-Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder.

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